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Haircut & Style

Haircut & Style

No matter what you want your look to be, our beauticians will give you locks that you love.  $37

Signature Haircut & Style

Our signature haircut & style features shampoo treatment, cutting, and coloring that will leave you loving your new look.  $47

Clipper Cut

Our stylists can help you achieve any look you want, whether you need a trim or a completely different hairstyle. $21

Bang Trim/Neck Trim

Bangs are in, so come to our salon and join the trend. Our stylists can consult with you and let you know which style will work best to frame your face. $13


Hair Color

Redken® Shades EQ Glaze (Demi-Permanent)

Let your hair shine like never before. Redken Shades EQ Glaze highlights your natural hair color and gives it a healthy look.  $45

Redken® Color Fusion (Permanent)

Give your hair some character–Redken Color Fusion gives you highlights and lowlights.  $60

Redken® Chromatics Color (Permanent)

Whether you want to have more fun as a blonde or have the Girl Next Door brown hair, Redken Chromatics Color lets you chose whichever color you’re looking for.  $65

Pravana Vivids (Permanent)

Pravana Vivids will give your hair a vivid and vibrant look. Our coloring treatment lasts for several months, so your hair will have a healthy glow for a whole season.  $20



Looking to spice your look up? How about a touch of red? Our hair accents will give you a playful hairstyle.  $50


Our stylists can cover large portions and give you exactly the color you’re looking for.  $75

All Over

The perfect treatment for a whole new you, come in today for a new color all over. $100


Add a new dimension to your look. Come in today and give your hair a full look. $110




Give your hair a soft, healthy look. Our texture treatment makes your hair feel soft and smooth. $65

Texture Wave

Texture wave helps your hair look smooth and silky while adding depth. $80


Straighten and manage your curly hair and get the smooth hair you want. $185

KeraStraight Smoothing Treatment

KeraStraight Smoothing Treatment uses the latest technology to chemically straighten your hair for long-lasting results. $160



Makeup Application

Put your best face forward with makeup application from our professional stylists. $40

Event Makeup Application

Look like a million dollars without paying that much. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event or the weekend, let our stylists make your skin shine. $50

Wedding Makeup Application

You want your special day to be perfect, so make sure your skin looks that way too. Our professional stylists will handle every detail to make you look your best while providing you with complimentary champagne.  $70




If you want luscious lashes, our Redken Shades EQ Glaze is perfect for you. Come in today and get long, voluminous lashes. $45

Lash Coloring

Redken Color Fusion will give your lashes the perfect color to make your eyes stand out. $60

Lovely Lashes

Redken Chromatics Color gives you a wide variety of choices to make your lashes look lovely. $65

Vivid Lashes

Want vivid color? Pravana Vivids is perfect for your eyelashes for any look. $20




Our professional waxing service will give you a soft smooth look. $50


Whether you’re looking for a Brazilian, bikini, or any other type of waxing, our stylists gently remove hair from whichever area you want. $75

All Over

Get rid of unsightly hair and leave skin looking and feeling smooth–our stylists gently remove hair while maintaining skin’s elasticity.  $100

Gentlemen Services

Waxing isn’t just for women–come in today and have unsightly hair removed. $110


Our Professionals
Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones


Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Beard Specialist

Eric Streetwise

Eric Streetwise


Joe McMullin

Joe McMullin


Sarah Place

Sarah Place

Long Hair Specialist

Jessie McFunn

Jessie McFunn


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